Sand, Sun And Spectators -- 4 Style Tips For A Great Beach Wedding

21 October 2015
 Categories: Relationships & Family, Blog

Whether you're planning a destination wedding or one at your local oceanfront venue, a beach wedding can be beautiful and memorable. But the beach can bring unexpected challenges few associate with a wedding. The truth is that those gorgeous photos of picture-perfect couples exchanging vows in front of light waves and a jaw-dropping sunset often does not reflect the reality of a beach wedding. Rain, wind, lack of facilities and unstable (often public) ground can turn a wedding into a nightmare if you don't prepare properly for your chosen venue.

Here are 4 tips for choose the right look and clothing to make your beach wedding work for you.

Pick a Beach-Friendly Dress

A heavy ballgown with a long train is best for a wedding in which you can control the many elements. Beaches rarely allow that, so you may want to opt for a dress that's lighter and less formal. A short train—or none at all—will be easier to navigate on the sand and won't create as many problems in the wind. As for material, avoid lace materials that tend to catch debris and dust, instead going for a lightweight chiffon or charmeuse that flows nicely. Lighter materials—as well as short sleeves, small bustles and looser fits—will also help you enjoy the dress even if the day turns too warm or humid. For more information, discuss your theme and location with the consultant or sales associate (like those at Bridal Elegance) helping you pick out yo

Wind-Proof Your Hair

The idea of loose, flowing hair or a long veil in a beach wedding is nice, but beaches are often prone to too much wind to make it a good idea. To help beach-proof your look, consider an updo instead of loose waves. Controlling your hair may help reduce the need for touch-ups if the weather is humid, windy or very hot. Another way to conceal the effects of the elements on your hairdo is to use a short veil, a floral crown or a fascinator. You may want to avoid a long veil, though, as it's likely to be a pain to wrangle on the beach. 

Flats, Flats, Flats

You may want to wear your fancy stiletto heels down the aisle, but an aisle of sand will make this nearly impossible. If your dress is long enough, why not wear them for pictures, then change into something more sand-friendly for the ceremony? This could include flat sandals or even wedges (which won't sink into the sand as easily). If you're having a fun and informal wedding, you could complement the theme with bare feet, beaded flip-flops or espadrilles. 

Be Generous with Sunblock

Remember that with the beach comes the sun. You don't want strange sunburn or tan lines for your wedding, so be sure to keep the sunblock handy and use it frequently before and during your wedding day. Designate a person to make the rounds ensuring your wedding party is all properly protected. Offer sunblock and/or fancy umbrellas to waiting guests as well. 

Embracing the unique challenges, as well as the beauty, of a beach wedding will help you plan the perfect day for you and your partner.