Do-It-Yourself Process Serving? Well, Not Really

9 February 2016
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If you've watched a private detective show you've probably heard the famous, "You've been served!" While the job may have its own good and bad aspects, process service is performed by strictly defined individuals. Rules of civil and criminal procedures are clear in most states when it comes to properly serving a summons, subpoena, or warrant. To understand these rules, one must define and understand the differences between civil and criminal process serving. Read More 

What Does A Funeral Home Do For A Grieving Family?

20 November 2015
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The subject of death is one that often gets pushed aside and ignored, and as a result, some people aren't prepared to handle making final arrangements for their loved ones when the time comes. While most people know that funeral homes provide the space for funeral services and help to prepare a loved one for burial, there are many other services that you may not be aware of. Here are just some of the things a reputable funeral home can do for you in your time of need. Read More 

Steps To Giving Up A Baby For Adoption

6 November 2015
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Many young women wonder how to give up baby for adoption. In some cases, this can be the best decision for both the child and the mother. Here are some of the common steps to adoption.  Speak with an Adoption Specialist The first thing to do is to speak with an adoption specialist who can walk you through the steps of adoption and help you decide whether it's the best decision for you. Read More 

Holiday Gifts For Relatives In Nursing Homes

4 November 2015
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If your parent, grandparent, or older aunt or uncle lives in an assisted living community like Wedgewood Estates, it can be difficult to decide what to buy for a holiday gift. Your relative has entered a new phase of life; his or her living space is limited, and both physical and cognitive abilities might be impaired. Consider some of these gift ideas as the holiday season approaches. Items to Keep Your Relative Warm and Cozy Read More 

Sand, Sun And Spectators – 4 Style Tips For A Great Beach Wedding

21 October 2015
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Whether you're planning a destination wedding or one at your local oceanfront venue, a beach wedding can be beautiful and memorable. But the beach can bring unexpected challenges few associate with a wedding. The truth is that those gorgeous photos of picture-perfect couples exchanging vows in front of light waves and a jaw-dropping sunset often does not reflect the reality of a beach wedding. Rain, wind, lack of facilities and unstable (often public) ground can turn a wedding into a nightmare if you don't prepare properly for your chosen venue. Read More